Protects and promotes the interests of Ethnic Minority Doctors and Dentists
working in the UK.

Highlights the current issues and problems facing Ethnic Minority Doctors and

Vocalises all issues that affect Ethnic Minority Doctors and Dentists.

Promotes better representation of Ethnic Minority Doctors and Dentists and the


Promotes equality of opportunities including mentoring in education, careers and


Establishes better understanding between ethnic minority doctors and dentists
and the community.


Promotes and organises postgraduate medical education for all doctors and
dentists in general and ethnic minority doctors and dentists in particular.


Maintains a higher standard of medical practice.

Maintains welfare, information and advisory services for ethnic minority doctors
and dentists.


Develops and promotes a policy on ethnic minorities’ health care.




o To highlight and raise any difficult issues of the members to the government
o Support members in difficulty


o BIDA Website
o Regular updates from BIDA Central Office
o BIDA Journal


o With the government, GMC, BMA and all other related organisations to
influence change in policy and improve IMGs working environment
o BIDA Divisional meetings
o BIDA Forum meetings
o Annual ARM/AGM meetings


o Regular BIDA Courses
o BIDA International Congress
o Forum Educational meetings
o BIDA Journal
o Mentoring
o Promoting IMGs career prospects


  • Free /discounted rates for BIDA organised courses

  • Access to free divisional educational meetings

  • Free BIDA Journal

  • Participate in BIDA Sports events

  • Opportunity for Fellowship Awards

  • Support for Clinical Excellence Awards

As a member of the BIDA you will be entitled to the following services:

  • BIDA Journal, a peer reviewed journal published thrice in a year, is distributed to all members, postgraduate deans, libraries, high commissions and many other establishments.

  • Access to a whole range of services provided by the BIDA, centrally and locally.

  • Representation of your views and concerns to appropriate organisations.

  • Advice on career and training prospects.

  • A platform for professional and social activities.

  • Opportunities to participate in Free/discounted BIDA organised Educational meetings and courses.

  • Access to BIDA Divisional meetings.

  • BIDA-organised ‘International Scientific Congress’ at discount rates.

  • Support for Clinical Excellence Awards

  • Opportunity for Senior members for BIDA Fellowship awards

  • Participate in BIDA Sports Events


You will be a member of a well-established, highly respected professional body with a national network of divisions. You will enjoy the fellowship and friendship of a very large group of overseas doctors with whom you will have a great deal in common.


+44 161 456 7828

 316b Buxton Rd,

 Stockport SK2 7DD, UK

Established in 1975, the British International Doctors Association is the oldest organisation representing international doctors in the United Kingdom

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