Cricket 2016

Presidents Cup Cricket Tournament 2017

To the BIDA National President, Chairman, NEC members, Sports subcommittee members, Chairmen and secretaries of all the divisions.

 On behalf of BIDA Sports subcommittee it is my pleasure to invite you all and the members of your divisions to come and watch the final of the cricket tournament on Sunday 13th of August.

I am pleased to inform you that the tournament so far has been very successful. The final of the tournament is between North East and Wigan division. It will be hosted by North East division.

The match starts at 1 pm and expected finish at 6 pm,followed by the presentation of the trophy by the National President. The food will be served at the end.

Those who are coming please inform and get the address of the ground from the Sports coordinators of North East division at least 7 days days before the match.

Contact persons – Mr.YKS Viswanath & Dr. Prathish Thakkar, for contact numbers please contact Central Office. 

Best wishes

Raghu Hegde 

National sports co ordinator.

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