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Who is the British International Doctors Association?

The British International Doctors’ Association (BIDA) was established in the United Kingdom with the sole objective of promoting EQUALITY and FAIRNESS for all doctors and dentists working in the UK.

BIDA’s mission is to achieve equal treatment of all doctors and dentists based on their competence and merit irrespective of Race, Gender, Sexual orientation, religion, Country of origin or School of graduation.

The aim is to also support, enhance and propel the careers and lifestyles of its members.


What does becoming a member of BIDA mean for you?

As a member of the BIDA you will be entitled to the following services:-


The BIDA Journal

BIDA news review, published bi-monthly is distributed to all members, postgraduate deans, libraries, high commissions and many other establishments.


Access to services

Access to a whole range of services provided by the BIDA, centrally and locally.


Representing you

Representation of your views and concerns to appropriate organisations.


Career advice

Advice on career and training prospects.


Social activities

A platform for professional and social activities.


International Congress

Opportunities to participate in BIDA-organised ‘International Congresses’ events at discounted rates.



What else?

You will be a member of a well-established, highly respected professional body with a national network of divisions. You will enjoy the fellowship and friendship of a very large group of overseas doctors with whom you will have a great deal in common.


Equality and diversity

BIDA aims to support you in your role as a doctor in the United Kingdom with equality and fairness in your daily working activities.

You will have backing and support from leading doctors who also have an international background.


Professional mentorship

You will receive mentorship from some of the top and most respected medical practitioners in the country.


Education and certification

You will receive support towards your education. E.g. CPD points.


Enjoy your education

You will be invited to the most important meetings in support of doctors from all around the world which will include international holidays and travel.


Invitations to Events

You will receive invitations to sponsored events that are designed to help you to progress in your career and social life as a doctor in Great Britain.


How much does it cost to become a BIDA member?

Current Subscription Rates

  • Standard (Staff Grade & Above) £99.00 per annum
  • Training grades (all training grades & trainee GP’s) £45.00 per annum
  • Spouse Membership (per couple) £145.00 per annum
  • Retired Rate (only applies to fully retired) £50.00 per annum
  • Life membership £1000.00
  • Life Spouse Membership (per couple) £1450.00


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