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The BIDA Journal is a peer-reviewed journal

We welcome original articles from physicians and surgeons from any part of the world.  These include review articles, scientific articles, case reports, audits and letters to the Editor.  Each submission would be peer-reviewed by specialists in their respective field and then discussed by the members of the editorial committee at a meeting prior to publication and then either accepted for publication or rejected by the Editor.

Proofs of the edited paper are emailed to the corresponding author for correction and to respond to any queries from the Editor.  Once the article is published the authors would receive a free PDF version of the journal.  The printed copy would be sent to the author if requested for.

Manuscript guidelines

  1. Review articles do not have a word limit but all other submissions would have a limit of 4,000 words or less.
  2. We only accept papers that have 5 authors or less. Please list only those authors who have positively contributed to the article.
  3. Papers should be divided into headings, which are relevant to whether it is a review article, scientific article or case support etc.
  4. The conclusion should be clear and relevant to the work described in the article. Do not repeat the introduction.
  5. References in the text should include only those are important and have been studied in full by the authors.
  6. It is expected that each article should have a take home message wherever relevant. Please write a brief text or learning points, which could be considered to be put in a box as a take home message to explain the relevance of the article.



  1. References should only be used for published work.
  2. They should be presented using the Vancouver system by super script numbers in the order of the appearance and not in alphabetical order.
  3. The list of the references at the end of the text should be with details and punctuation as follows.


Journal Reference:

Phillips AM, Wiliams DJ.  Ultrasound and the diagnosis of metabolic disorders.  J Metabolic dis 2013;95-B:1 – 5.

Book reference:

Watson-Jones R.  Fractures and joint injuries. Vol. 2. Fourth ed. Edinburgh: Churchill-Livingstone, 1955:744-5.

Chapter in a Book:

Wiison RA, Frank VH.  Complications of implant use.  In: Epps CH Jr, ed. Complications in ENT surgery Vol.1. Philadelphia: JB Lippincott Company, 1978:99 – 129.

Web reference:

International commission on radiological protection. (date last accessed 20 September 2009).

Abstract reference:

Sinha L.  DVT in Shoulder surgery [abstract]. BOA Congress, 2011.



Please include as many figures as it is relevant to the article but you must ensure that you split the figures into separate images, as they will need to be uploaded individually.  Each figure would require a short description.  For x-rays, please ensure that you state the view used for that radiograph.  The figures should be numbered as 1, 2 and 3 separately.




We do accept as many tables as it is relevant to the article.  Each table should have a short descriptive heading or legend.  Tables must not duplicate information already in the text.



These should be made onto a separate page at the end of the text.



Once you have read the guidelines and are ready to submit your article please ensure all elements are included in the same document.  They are to be sent to the BIDA office or the Editor.  The email address is as follows:


  1. On a separate page with the articles heading please include the details of all the authors, their designation and their place of work.
  2. The author who submits the article must include his/her email address for further correspondence.
  3. Once the article is accepted then it is the Editor who would be asking for photographs of each individual author, which will be uploaded and printed with the article in the journal. Please ensure that these photographs are in JPEG format.


Letters to the editor

We do welcome letters to the Editors on matters of general medical concern, the NHS or about any recently published article.  To submit letters please write directly to the BIDA office or the Editor – all letters should be under 300 words.


Copyright agreement

If the paper is accepted for publication it is to be accepted by the authors that they are bound to an assignment of copyright.  The articles become the property of BIDA Journal.


Conflict of interest

A conflict of interest statement should be submitted by the author/authors to the Editor for any article, which is accepted for publication.  This statement would have no bearing on a decision whether to publish or not to publish.



Amit Sinha FRCS (Tr&Orth)
Ashish Dhawan FRCP
Co-editors, BIDA Journal
Date: 14.03.2018