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“I joined the association in the late sixties when it was called Overseas Doctors Association more for a social reason and then it turned out to be more for equal rights and opportunities and against discrimination of overseas-qualified doctors. Then it grew and the name was changed to BIDA to be more inclusive and to include all overseas-qualified doctors and became like a trade union.

I personally did not need any help over the years but was able to help few fellow overseas doctors in their training in General Practice. I strongly recommend all ethnic doctors even if they qualify from here to join the BIDA to safe guard their rights and future.”

Dr Dhuni Soren

Retired GP and Trainer in General Practice.

Merseyside BIDA


“I was first introduced to BIDA (then ODA) via an Educational event, the contents of which impressed me immensely. It was to become a forum for me to keep up with specialities other than my own, with the added bonus of meeting and socialisation with like-minded professionals. It has over the years provided to me a platform for social and professional interaction and serves a valuable tool to connect with the wider medical world.”

Nikhil Kaushik FRCOphth

Consultant Ophthalmologist

North Wales BIDA


“I joined BIDA because I believe BIDA speaks for the international doctor’s interest and highlights their problems.  We face some of the problems that local doctors do not go through nor do they understand these issues e.g., visa requirements, racial discriminations etc. BIDA has got grips with these issues. BIDA publishes a journal, which is informative and covers a wide area of practice. On top, BIDA provides a network for professional advice and support.”

Ram Karan Singh

Consultant Anaesthetist

Northeast BIDA


“BIDA embodies the aspirations and ideals of all International doctors. BIDA is our voice and its strong image provides a platform, which represents our welfare. My interest has been mainly its educational activities through the Journal and regular medical meetings. It’s an opportunity to meet up with colleagues of differing nationalities and specialities, which makes up this organisation.”

Amit Sinha

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

North Wales BIDA