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The British International Doctors’ Association (BIDA) is a voluntary organisation that provides solutions for aspiring doctors from around the world.

We support International Medical Graduates.

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The British International Doctors’ Association (BIDA) was established in the United Kingdom with the sole objective of promoting EQUALITY and FAIRNESS for all doctors and dentists working in the UK.

BIDA’s mission is to achieve equal treatment of all doctors and dentists based on their competence and merit irrespective of Race, Gender, Sexual orientation, religion, Country of origin or School of graduation.




The BIDA ARM/AGM is being hosted by Merseyside & Cheshire Division this year. The event is taking place on 12th,…

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BIDA Doctors update national conference

Dear Colleague,  Please see the link to see the  programme for all-day Doctors Update Conference in Rochdale on Saturday 8th…

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